The holiday in Cerrano’s lands is characterized by a good gastronomy. The abundance of landscapes in this territory, with opulent olive groves, orchards, vineyards and vegetable gardens, united to the precious and ancient maritime tradition that always guarantees fresh fish, allows to rediscover ancient time’s tasty and natural flavours. The extra-virgin olive oil, obtained from the first olives pressing, has got unmistakable aroma and taste. The wines, produced in vineyards which go up from the sea to the hill, are the typical Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Cerasuolo and Trebbiano D’Abruzzo, appreciated for their good taste given by the particularly mild climate of this territory. The first, with an intense red colour, gives off smells which remind the plum, blackberry and carob if it is drunk still “young”; On the contrary, if it is drunk aged, it becomes more ethereal with a taste that remind the liquorice and the vanilla. It is excellent with the high quality meals.

The “Cerasuolo”, realized by a more limited fermentation, has got a more delicate smell with a fruity flavour which is the ideal with the local sapid cheeses. The “Trebbiano” , dry and cool, has a gently bitter persistence which is the ideal for the tasty fish recipes. Among the typical products there is also the traditional “Pecorino” cheese, still produced in small farms with traditional methods. Besides, There are local productions such as sausages, “ventricina”, loin and local ham with the traditional cakes including the well-known Atri's “Pan Ducale”, Roseto’s “Tralcio D’Abruzzo” and Atri and Silvi’s liquorice.

People who visit the Cerrano’s lands cannot go away without tasting the typical dishes such as the famous “Maccheroni alla chitarra con pallottine” , “Scrippelle m’busse”, realized with crepes covered by broth, and finally the traditional “Timballo di scrippelle” which is similar to the lasagna but with the presence of crepes instead of the puff pastry. Among the fish dishes the main protagonist is, in all probability, the “Brodetto di pesce” flanked by “Rigatoni” with the crab sauce, “Maccheroni al nero di seppia” and many more specialities of the maritime tradition.

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